A Therapeutic


Each person is an individual with unique inner wisdom, life experiences and resources. My approach is to draw on a variety of therapeutic tools to support individuals in accessing those inner resources in the service of their healing, greater aliveness and greater wholeness.


Client Testimonials

“Rita has lovingly held space for me through some of my life’s hardest moments, and gently nudges me to see and be a better version of myself. I often find myself asking “what would Rita do?” When I am faced with a complex interpersonal situation, and when I channel all I have learned with her over the years, I know that I can approach the situation with integrity and kindness.”
"Rita Berglund’s spiritual direction provides me with a guide for my spiritual journey. Together we look for insight, help in decision making, clarity for where the future leads, and honest reflection. She brings a wealth of wisdom from her own spiritual journey, her quest for current research, and her world travel that provides insights very relevant for the questions of today."
“Rita is authentic, grounded, deeply aware, and attentively present in therapy and spiritual direction. She is vulnerable herself, while holding boundaries. She is a companion, creating a safe space to be seen and heard with profound witness to her clients. She establishes trust with excellent competence, and her skills are clearly reflective of her training, experience, education, compassion, and wisdom. I always leave my appointments with Rita with new insights, new angles, and acceptance for the complexities of life, grief, and the human journey, As a person who is in her head a lot, Rita helps me connect to my heart. It is hard-heart work, but worth it, and I trust Rita to guide me in that necessity.”

"I find something breathtakingly hallowed about this truth: that in the midst of pain and crisis God is drawing us to wholeness... I struggled to trust that the whirlwind I was riding was a sacred opportunity ~ that it wanted to take me somewhere." ~ Sue Monk Kidd